I'm a hybrid photographer who shoots medium format film & digital images. I am inspired by light and the smallest details. I love capturing the adventures life brings, and finding beauty in the simplest of things. Out of everything that I have photographed, I have found that what makes my heart beat the hardest and what makes me get up in the morning is photographing love. The love that isn't posed in an awkward state, but the raw, emotional, genuine, teasing, soft love that reminds you why you love your person. The love that you feel when you look into their eyes, and can say "this is why I love you."  I desire to capture the loud moments, the quite ones, the in-betweens, the ones you don't think anyone else is watching. I strive for those moments. The perfectly imperfect. 

When you see your photos, I want your heart to skip a beat because you remember what you felt in that moment and it was REAl. 

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My husband Austin, is my foundation. He is the calm to my crazy. He knows me more than I know myself. He goes above and beyond than what is asked, and his patience is like no other. I could go on for days!

We LOVE weekend brunch together and lazy Sundays. When Monday rolls around coffee gets me through the week. 

Jesus is my Lord and Savior and without Him, none of this would be possible. To Him be all the honor and glory! 

Aus and I met our Junior year of high school ( yes we are high school sweethearts.) We got married two years later. He was the one who pushed me and encouraged me to pursue my passion for  photography! Love that man.

When we road trip, you will most likely find us along the California coast line. Big Sur is my absolute favorite and second home. 

Our German Shepherd pup, Kona makes my world that much better. 

I practically live in LuluLemon.

Chocolate is my absolute weakness. Ask my husband, he will tell you all about it. 

I could watch FRIENDS reruns all day, everyday. 

I have the pleasure of attending the best gym ever.. @getfitmodesto go check them out :) 

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