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Knowing your brand and who you are as a business is so important, and honestly something I have learned so much about in the past year! If you are interested in rebranding your business I would LOVE to help you capture your vision. Together we will bring your business to life with photos that reflect your brand, flat lays that represent your style, and fresh photos all around to give your clients the best experience.

Branding Shoot for the Flora Club



I am a firm believer in hands on training and community over competition , that is how I learned everything about the wedding industry. To ensure my clients, and those I mentor get the best possible service I will only be taking three photographers on for 2019.

  • Online or in person

  • Getting started Q&A

  • Knowing you and your brand

  • Second shooting opportunities

  • Styled shoot tailored for your business

I have learned so much more than I could have imagined. What I really appreciate about working with Amanda is her ability to teach me something new every time. She is so positive and encouraging while still being able to be constructive and provide helpful tips to improve upon my skills. One example, in particular, is when we did our editing mentor session to show me a glimpse into what happens during the editing process. She should how best to enhance my editing skills and how to take pictures in such a way that it even cuts down my editing time. For someone who’s still learning, building my portfolio and taking on my own business venture It was extremely helpful to see how to run a photography business and all that goes into it from behind the scenes. I can’t recommend her enough, she has really been a huge help in so many different ways to me and she will be for you too!
— Deborah Best
I have felt so blessed to have the opportunity to second shoot with Amanda and to be mentored by her as well. She has given me the best gift as I have started my own photography business through her kindness and willingness to let me pose clients and try out new creative ideas. Working together and sharing ideas has grown my creativity and we’ve become friends too! It’s so fun to see how a passion can bring people together! I have greatly appreciated her advice and guidance.
— Alexandra Austin